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Daughters Of Khaine Melusai 85-20

Daughters Of Khaine Melusai 85-20

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This kit has been replaced by Daughters of Khaine Blood Sisters 85-20
This Plastic kit contains the necessary components to assemble 5 Blood Sisters.

The first thing we notice in these figurines is their legs, or the lack of them - modeled in the image of their creator Morathi, their body below the trunk is that of a horrible snake.

In addition, they wear metal bibs with tassettes.

The Blood Sisters have their faces completely hidden by a mask of metal frozen in a furious expression and which snakes their hair pulled back.

One can optionally mount 1 figure as Gorgai, the head of unit: it is distinguished by its mask adorned with jewels, his vouge different heartbreaker and his ugly trophy - the heart of an unfortunate victim, she proudly squeezes in his left hand.

The Melusai Blood Sisters are supplied in 100 components, plus 5 Citadel round bases of 40mm.

This kit can, otherwise, be used to assemble 5 Melusai Blood Stalkers.
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